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Surf Camp!


Hey Everyone,

Surf camp was amazing!! I did a 4 day camp in which we were taught to surf correctly.. I met the three Norweign girls (from my first week) again on the Monday morning and off we headed towards Gerroa.. The guys who work there are all completely nuts and proper 'surfer dudes!' to the extreme (although they weren't too happy about being called typical surfers!).. Each surf was 2hours long and each day we did morning and arvo (afternoon - Aussie lingo).. My instructor was Chris, or Chris-o as australians all seem to put O's on the end of names and shorten any word they can!! He was pretty cool, I later found out he was just 19years old!! I couldn't believe it.. Alot of the instructors I thought were older than they were.. It must be the sun!!

The first morning surf was very frustrating.. I knew what I had to do but catching the waves was extremely hard and then trying to stand up aswell was just impossible.. The arvo surf didn't get much better although I did manage to stand up 3 times (well, sort of anyway)!! A few games of cards to round off the day made apleasant evening..

The next day was so hard.. Everyones body was aching all over.. I couldn't lift my arms properly and trying to practice the movements to stand on the board, on the sand, was just too hard!! Morning surf wasn't too bad though.. I forgot about the pain after a while and I was getting the hang of things.. Unfortunately lunch came and the break turned my surfing around and it went terribly in the arvo :o( I didn't have the energy at all to pick my upper body up, and having not recooperated from my northern territory travels by then, I retreated to the beach and watched everyone else nose diving!! That evening we all walked up to a pub which overlooked the whole beach and we watched the sunset which turned into lightening very quickly!!

Wednesday was much better.. I was still aching but the waves were nice.. That arvo continued well and me and Karoline (norweign girl) were being smart and trying to catch a wave side by side but it didn't quite work!!

Last day of surfing and we were up and in the sea by 6:30am!! It was so amazing though.. The water was gorgeous.. The waves were perfect.. I was standing up pretty much all the waves!! Karoline and I even managed one side by side.. The morning was so fun and I couldn't wait to get back out there after lunch.. Unfortunately the arvo was not the same.. The waves were plunging waves which pretty much made you nose dive the whole time.. It definately put my spirits low as I didn't manage to stand even one properly :o(

Throughout the last four days we had a professional camera man who had been taking photos of us all learning, falling over and crashing into each other.. We were able to purchase a CD of all the images (over 50 in total!) which was pretty cool even though they aren't too attractive (not in a wetsuit anyway!).. I did get mine for the memory though..

We drove back to Sydney for a free pizza and a pint which turned out to be one slice of pizza and a schooner (less than a pint!).. Oh well, frees free ay!!

Didn't stay out too late.. Plans for Taronga Zoo tomorrow!!

Kim x x x

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Alice Springs to Darwin

9 Day Tour

all seasons in one day

Wow, what a trip!! I have just spent the last 9days on a tour from Alice Springs to the 'Top End' Darwin.. It's been pretty amazing to say the least and I've seen so many different things.. I started off in a confused, muddled way at the airport where I spent an hour and a half in a deserted airport.. When I got there I wasn't sure where to go so asked a guy about Adventure Tours and he said I would be picked up in 20minutes by them.. 40minutes later, no one but me in this airport, I was getting slightly worried.. After a good few phone calls and being told different things to do by them I realised I had to go with the guy I had originally asked about it all.. Finally arrived in Alice Springs and a dip in the pool was much appreciated!! It was here also that I met a girl called Emma, from Essex, and she was doing the same 9 day tour as myself (most others where doing 3 day tours or 6!).. Little did I know that Emma was about to come a close friend over the next week and a half!!

Next morning was one of many early mornings to come!! 6am pick up and off we drove towards Uluru.. There was much driving in involved to these different places however many stops were made.. We firstly stopped at a camel farm which I was hoping to be able for a quick ride but they weren't open for business unfortunately.. We arrived at Uluru afternoon and we started on our walk around it.. There were soooo many flys that a fly net was the best thing ever invented at the time!! They just swarmed your whole head and irritated everyone without a net!! The heat was very intense out there and walking was hard.. Uluru was pretty amazing although it did get a bit repetitive, I mean red rock after another bit of red rock!! lolz.. The climbing was shut that day as the temp was over 36'C (although I wouldn't have climbed anyway out of respect to the Aborginies!).. We had a classy cup each of cheap wine that evening while we watched the sun set on the rock (although I was very dissappointed by this as I was expecting some good colours in the sky!)..
Sunrise the next morning was much better.. We finished off the complete walk around Uluru to end up in a spot to watch the rise with just our group.. The photos look really nice and the rock glows red in these ones!!

Short drive to Kata Tjuta next and 'The Valley of The Winds' walk was nice but tiring again in the heat.. It was quite pleasant although these rocks do not seem as spectacular due to the minor details we are given of significance to the Aborginies.. It is a shame not to know why there are important but that is how it is..
That evening we drove to Kings Canyon for camp..

Another dawn breaker and we're out on our long walk in King's Canyon.. This was by far the best of the three so far!! The walk started steep and hard but was amazing throughout.. Lots of photos (a rock which looks like a camel!!) and we had a lovely feet dip in the garden of Eden!! A long drive back to Alice Springs and that evening a group meal at Bogangles was welcome.. This pub was pretty cool, it had web cams all over and people could log on and watch us in there!! My dad did it and he could see me waving from the dancefloor which was nice..

Me and Emma off again early on the next part of our travels.. The next three days were pretty chilled on the bus most of time.. Us and another couple from the previous 3days were on it.. First day travelling up to Tennant Creek where we saw an old telegraph station on the way.. We also stopped at the Devils Marbles!! These were pretty amazing.. I hadn't heard much about them and I think they should have much more publicity.. They are just round rocks all over but ther are quite amazing.. It was fun trying to take photos where we looked like we were holding them up or pushing them over!! When we reached our camp we all walked 1km to a waterhole for a swim.. Emma and I proved the biggest whimps, we did go in however a lot of sreaming was going on and we were adoment not to put our feet down.. Many times we thought we felt something, Emma even jumped on me at one point , to save herself!! lolz.. It was a good night and Luke, our guide had bought a couple digeridoos along for us to have a go..

Next day was Emmas birthday and we drove to Katherine.. We saw a few weird pubs on the way (bright pink ones and the famous Daly Water Pub).. I got to handle a blue tongue lizard at one pub!! Luke and I bought cake, candles and a card and surprised Emma later that evening which was pretty cool.. She had a good birthday I think so thats what mattered.. The night was amzing as the sky was filled with lightening all over.. I have never seen anything like it.. Was beautiful in its' own way..

Luke woke us up again with a lovely verse of g'day g'day (he does have a good voice).. It's definately my preferred alarm clock anyway!! We headed to Katherine Gorge which was beautiful!! I chose to do the river cruise which took us to a seluded waterfall where we swam and chilled out.. This, the Devils Mrables and Kings Canyon are probably my favourite two so far!! A drive up to Darwin during the afternoon and arrived there early evening.. Four of us originals went out for food that evening and then back to the hostel.. The hostel room was horrible and Emma and I decided it would have been nicer in a camp tent again!!

Off again, in a 4wheel drive this time though, to Kakadu National Park.. Our first stop was for a river cruise to spot some wild crocodiles.. Unfortunately the wet season showed us today it was wet and poured it down.. This was the first day I wanted my jumper!! I was soooo cold and wet to that matter!! Luckily we spotted a MASSIVE crocodile quite early on!! It was so big, probably 25 years old with some heavy battle scares!! It was literally 2metres away from me.. They look so scary but it was pretty amazing to be so close to a real wild one!! Sun came back out again and on our drives we came across a Frilled Neck Lizard which was gorgeous.. He was so orange and bright and the photo I have looks pretty good!! We had a look at some aborigini rock art and a couple short walks to points where we could see over Kakadu.. A nice swim ended the day well..

Today I was lacking in any energy at all.. Emma and I decided to option for a personal flight over Kakadu so we could see Jim Jim falls and the twin falls and other areas of interest.. It was pretty good although I found it hard to keep my eyes open and felt I abit sick by the end of it!! After picking everyone else up we went for a walk to a waterfall.. This was the worst day of all!! I couldn't do anything from lack of energy.. Thankfully it wasn't too hard or long and the water was refreshing but the walk back was hard.. I got slightly burnt as I hadn't creamed properly which was silly!! We dropped most of the tour people off late this afternoon and only four of us continued on to the 3day tour which was nice..

Litchfield park today.. A lovely day where we saw some massive termite mounds (over 8 metres high) and went to two waterfalls and swam.. One was very seluded, the other was more like a spa (lots of mini waterfalls).. Was nice to have just the four of us.. Back to Darwin after although I could have stayed there all day it was amazing!! It was this evening when Emma had to finally leave me for her flight.. It was really weird saying goodbye.. We had spent so much time together in a short space of time, It felt like we had known each other forever!! It did make the tour alot better I feel, having someone I knew there with me and we did have so many laughs together (same sense of humour!)!!

I am now just wasting my day away in Darwin, waiting for my flight late this evening.. I went to Doctor's Gully this morning (recommended by uncle Peter) which was pretty cool.. You feed the fish in the ocean with the bread provided.. There's millions of them and they get quite big!! A different sort of experience for sure..

Surf Camp starts on Monday which hopefully I will have recoperated and have my energy back!!

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Gosford (Aunty Susie's!)


Firstly I'll start with Bondi beach which was a complete flop!! I was not impressed as it was cloudy and cold (cold for Oz anyway before I start getting the abuse!).. It took me and my roomies an hour and a half to get there and we lay on the sand for 20minutes before giving up and going shopping then home again!! The sand was whiter than white though which was pretty amazing!! i'll be back when it's sunny!!

Before that though I manged to speak to travel advisor and I booked a 9day trip from Alice Springs to Darwin doing all the touristy sites on the way including Ayers Rock and Katherine Gorge and much more!! I fly to Alice Springs on Wednesday (tomorrow)..

Friday night i met a couple girls from Devon who were planning Manly beach the next day and invited me along of which I accepted without hesitation however Saturday morning didn't look to great and after the big flop of Bondi I wasn't prepared for the same so after apologising to the girls who were positively thinking it would get better (which it didn't may I add!) i went to the Darling Harbour Aquarium and the Wildlife Park.. I had i really nice afternoon seeing animals I have never even heard of before from fish, to bugs, to reptiles to cute cuddly koalas!! There was a baby koala too which was fuzzy and gorgeous!! I also got to see kangeroos for the first time which was pretty cool..

I stayed in Sydney Saturday night and went early to Gosford the next day to my Aunty Susie's and Peter's.. They very kindly picked me up from the station and I went back to theirs.. It was a truly amazing house.. The very energetic dogs, Harley and Oliver, the pool, the spa, the garden, the rooms, oh, and the people weren't too bad either (hehe, only joking!!), they were amazing!!! I had a wicked stay over the next couple days with them and went around a lot with my cousin Geraldine which was really nice.. I had a lovely steak BBQ the first night cooked by the best BBQist (uncle Peter!) and the second evening I went out for a nice Mexican of which we all definately ate too much!!
That night we went in the spa in the evening with all the colours changing and under the stars which was quite an experience!! Before coming back this afternoon we went for another swim which Harley loves and I now have scrathes everywhere were he thinks he's still a little puppy who can climb on you and be held!! lolz.. good fun though!!

I am now back in Sydney in a grubby hostel which was a real slap in the face after the life of luxury!! lolz.. My flight is tomorrow and i'm very excited for the next part of my trip (now thanks to family I have been prepared with much more suitable clothing, footwear and suitcase-THANK YOU!)..

Love to all..

Kim x x x

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First Week


Hey everyone..

I've made it to Australia!! Wooo Hoooo.. It's so hot and gorgeous out here. The flight was very long but I managed to sleep through a lot of it. I was very impressed with the food but I had thought there would have been more newer films to watch! I watched Peter Pan TWICE and still didn't get to see my favourite bit because I was sleeping!!

I arrived Monday 29th Dec at 9am. I got on the bus with to others (a girl from Canada and a guy from Biringham). Once at the hostel we couldn't check in till midday so me and Michael (birmingham guy) went for a walk to the Bridge and Opera House. They say it was 20mins walk but it was a good half hour/40mins (at my pace anyway!). They were impressive but the Bridge didn't look as fantastic as I had original thought (bit shabby if u ask me!). lolz.

We didn't hang around long as I wanted to check in and have a shower, freshen up and that. After a shower we explored the hostel which has a very small pool at the top and BBQ area. That evening was a BBQ so we thought we'd go there later. In the mean time we walked to the Work and Travel Company office (WTC) and got our starter packs early with sim card and map.

I came back and put my head down for a while. I then woke up for the BBQ but felt like I was on a boat, swaying all over. Wasn't a nice feeling and the lift up to the top didn't help. I didn't eat anything and went quickly back to my bed. I conked out about 9pm and slept hard till 5am were I woke up and couldn't sleep again.

That morning was the orientation were they went through pretty much everything. it was lots to take in and quite over-whelming.

After, I went over to Darling Harbour for a refreshing drink and some wedges with a couple of the boys. Spent the rest of the day with them and finding the cheapest bars/pubs we could. Was a fun chilled out day really. When I got back there were 3 new girls in my room fast asleep. I soon joined them.

Again I slept nicely till 5:15am and couldn't sleep. This time I got up and rang home. Then went to sort some stuff out at WTC. I then did a little bit of shopping.

Came back to hostel and met up with Michael. We were advised to go to Macquaries point so we qued up for over an hour but hardly moved in the miles and miles long cue so took advise for locals and got the train to Milsons Point the other side of the river. There were soo many people around and we manged to nab a sitting point under some trees. We had 5hrs 45mins to hang around now!! Great fun. The 9om fireworkz came and went and we decided we need a better place to watch the 12o'clock ones. The fireworks were AMAZING!! We very very close to them and I have the first minute recorded. They were definately an experience not to miss. Getting back wasn't so great. Millions of people pushing and shoving. Spent half n hour crushed in a crowd waiting for the bridge to open. Walking back took couple hours. We walked absolutely miles!! George St was filled with so much fun and people throwing up everywhere!! It would have been sooooo much better if I was one of them!!

The next day was nice. I walked around Sydney towards the Opera House but using side roads. it was really nice seeing different things. A man playing the digaridoo (can't spell i know!) was pretty damn good. I walked round the Opera House taking many pictures and then found a spot on the grass over looking the Opera and the Bridge. I spent couple hours there, reading things to see and do in Australia as I don't have many plans as of yet! I walked back in the evening and met the three girls in my room were we all went for a few drinks and all you you can eat pizza. It was a really nice evening. They're from Norway but they all have amazing English. We introduced so drinking games and one was they weren't aloud to speak in Norweign!!

Well here I am now. Just about to go to WTC and sort out my next two weeks. I was suposed to rent a campervan with the boys and drive down to Melbourne and the great ocean road but it fell through so I now have two weeks before my surf camp on the 19th Jan. Going to Bondi beach aswell today with the girls. Can't wait!

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